In the world of education, it’s not just students who need guidance and support; educators too benefit immensely from opportunities to further their careers and expand their horizons. AIMS Campus, a renowned educational institution in Sri Lanka, recognized this need and, in May 2023, hosted a Career Guidance Program tailored specifically for schoolteachers. The goal was clear: to attract these dedicated educators to the Bachelor of Education program and help them advance in their professional journeys.

A Collaborative Endeavor

Collaboration is often the key to success in academia, and for this event, AIMS joined hands with FITIS, an industry body with a shared commitment to education and development. Together, they created an event that promised to not only offer valuable insights but also strengthen the bonds within the educational community.


The event took place at the prestigious Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) and commenced with the lighting of the oil lamp, a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment.

Mr. Divin Davidson, AIMS Academic Coordinator, set the tone for the event with a warm welcome speech. His words resonated with the educators in the audience, highlighting the significance of continuous learning and growth.

The Chairman of FITIS, Mr. Indika De Silva, shared his insights, underlining the importance of technology and innovation in modern education. His speech provided a valuable perspective on the evolving landscape of teaching and learning.

Dr. Kithsiri Manchanayake, Chairman and Chancellor of AIMS, delivered an address that emphasized the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and its mission to shape the future of education. His vision painted a picture of possibilities for the aspiring educators in attendance.

The second day of the program delved deeper into the world of education. Mr. Upul Dassanayake conducted a comprehensive career guidance program, providing valuable insights into the teaching profession. This session not only informed but also inspired, helping teachers envision their career trajectories with clarity.

A highlight of the day was the Questions and Answers session, where educators had the opportunity to seek guidance and clarification on various aspects of their careers and educational pathways. The exchange of knowledge and experiences in this session was truly enriching.

Individual counseling sessions further personalized the experience, allowing educators to discuss their unique aspirations and challenges with experts. These one-on-one interactions left attendees with actionable insights and a sense of empowerment.

A Brighter Future

The event concluded on a high note, leaving participants with a newfound sense of purpose and direction. The knowledge and guidance shared during the Career Guidance Program will undoubtedly ripple through the education sector, benefitting both teachers and students.

AIMS Campus and FITIS have not only demonstrated their commitment to educational excellence but have also sown the seeds for a brighter future in Sri Lanka’s education landscape. The program stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring pursuit of knowledge. It’s a reminder that, in education, growth is not limited to students alone; educators too are on a lifelong journey of learning and development.