Celebrating Excellence: AIMS Campus Graduation and Doctoral Hooding Ceremony 2022


It was a momentous day on November 2nd, 2022, as the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) in Colombo bore witness to a remarkable event – the AIMS Campus Graduation and Doctoral Hooding Ceremony. The grandeur of the occasion was matched only by the achievements of the graduates who gathered to mark the culmination of their academic journey. The ceremony commenced with the solemn Graduands Procession, a procession that showcased the pride and anticipation on the faces of the graduates as they made their way to the auditorium. Among the distinguished attendees was the esteemed Chief Guest, Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa, whose arrival marked a moment of great honor for all.

The Academic Procession followed, highlighting the academic excellence and tradition that AIMS Campus stands for. This was swiftly succeeded by the Lighting of the Oil Lamp, a symbolic gesture signifying the dispelling of darkness through the illumination of knowledge.

With the Oil Lamp’s glow, the Convocation was officially declared open, and the stage was set for a day filled with achievements, inspiration, and memorable moments. As the audience settled into their seats, a captivating Welcome Dance enthralled everyone, setting the tone for the day. The Welcome Speech that followed conveyed the warmth and inclusivity that defines AIMS Campus.

The Presentation of Degrees commenced with our 328 Bachelor’s graduates, the first round of many accolades to be bestowed. Dr. Kithsiri Manchanayakke, Chairman of AIMS Campus, graced the stage to share his wisdom and vision, marking another significant milestone in the ceremony. The Bachelor’s graduates, the second round, followed soon after, and then came the moment everyone had been waiting for – the Address by the Chief Guest, Dr. Prathiba Mahanamahewa. 

His words resonated with the graduates, offering insights into the world beyond academia and igniting their ambitions. Master’s degrees were presented next, a testament to the dedication and hard work of our 100 students. The ceremony’s rhythm was punctuated with an exhilarating performance that captivated the audience.

The grand finale was the Presentation of Doctor of Philosophy degrees, a momentous occasion for the 31 scholars who had reached the zenith of academic excellence. Their achievements exemplify AIMS Campus’ commitment to nurturing advanced research and scholarship. The ceremony also provided a platform for two distinguished graduates to share their experiences. The Address by the Maldivian Graduate and the Sri Lankan Graduate offered a glimpse into the diverse and accomplished student body of AIMS Campus.

The Vote of Thanks expressed the heartfelt appreciation of the graduates towards their mentors, families, and the institution that had shaped their futures. With the Declaration of the Convocation Closed, the ceremony drew to a close, but not before the National Anthem united all in a final moment of patriotism. As the procession made its way out, the BMICH echoed with the resonating pride and joy of the graduates, their families, and the faculty who had guided them on their journey. AIMS Campus had once again lived up to its legacy of academic excellence, setting the stage for the next generation of leaders, scholars, and visionaries to shine.